Find Out the Best Watch With the Best Features Now

It is on the clock (as well as on the shoes and on the car) you are assessed when you first met. A watch is your best business card. Wristwatches have long been transformed from a utilitarian accessory to a status one.

Therefore, the choice of hours should be taken seriously, exactly as any normal person ponders what to write on his business card. At the same time, your watch, like a business card, must carry accurate information about you and correspond to your level.

How to choose a good wrist watch? Follow these guidelines:

Whatever brand or brand you like, choose a watch according to your status. It is better to buy a good expensive watch. They should cost at least one of your monthly salary. This reflects your status and your significance. And if you urgently need to change your place of residence, you don’t put your property on, and you don’t put it in your pocket, and you can go to the end of the world with an expensive decent watch! You can now Discover the luxury watches online as well.

  • Leave the idea to buy one watch for all occasions. On good, for every day, for a ceremonial exit, for holiday on the sea and playing sports we need different models.
  • Watches should correspond to the style in clothes: classics to classics , sports watches to sporty. Nothing enhances the impression of a leather pilot’s jacket with a white silk scarf, as a masculine large aviation watch with a black and white dial. After all, watches with strict leather straps are very silly for a man in flip flops and shorts. And vice versa, when an electronic-analog dial with information about everything in the world, and also on a silicone strap, peeps out from under the office solid jacket. Hours should be at least three. Strict – for official clothes. Sports – for sports and summer outfits. And some “everyday” something simple, with arrows and date display.
  • Every function in the watch is not a fashionable thing, but above all a necessary one. Determine what is needed first. If you are an athlete, take a watch with a chronograph, like diving – take waterproof. Often you travel – you need hours with a world time indicator , you work with foreign partners, whose business schedule is based on the ordinal numbers of weeks in a year – you will need hours with a date indicator . Well, if you are a werewolf, then you can not do without a clock with a lunar calendar.

In general, wrist watches are complex, luxurious, sporting, aviation, business, diving, designer.

But the most important rule: the watch is happiness, pleasure and pride! And because they certainly should like. If you do not like the model with a broadrim, but someone presses: “Buy only the Rolex, like all respectable people”, send the out and take what you want is you.